BioBay Investor Forum - Suzhou
September 21-22, 2011


The fourth annual BioBay Investor Forum is expected to attract more than 250 attendees and 50 VCs to see 19 of China's top life science companies present. The event is organized by ChinaBio® and BioBay, China's fastest growing biotech park. Located less than 30 minutes from Shanghai by high speed train, BioBay has attracted over 200 companies in just four years.

The BioBay Investor Forum 2011 will host 19 device, biotechnology, diagnostic, and services companies developing novel technologies to address unmet needs. This year, for the first time, a panel of influential life science investors and executives will judge each company immediately after their presentation. Entrepreneurs will gain immediate feedback on their business plan, and attendees will gain insights into what investors and partners are looking for. At the conclusion of the event, two companies will be chosen by the judges to receive the Most Promising Company Award at the Award Ceremony.

There will also be many networking opportunities during the conference including the Networking Dinner on September 20, which is in conjunction with Device China 2011, the Su Show, and of course our networking breaks and luncheons. Be sure to use the ChinaBio Messaging System to connect with fellow participants before the conference (/aboutcbms). 

Device China 2011

Immediately prior to the BioBay Investor Forum, please join us for first ever Device China conference, a one-day event also held at the Cold SpringHarbor Conference Center and organized by BioBay (see www.DeviceChina.org). Attend both events and receive a 20% discount.


Why Attend:

  • Learn how to build a life science company in China and attract venture funding
  • Connect with VCs and other investors from the U.S., China and around the world
  • Meet executives of early and mid-stage companies seeking investment 
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges facing the biotech industry in China 
  • Network with other entrepreneurs, industry executives and investors

Who Should Attend:

  • U.S. & China VCs, fund managers and angel investors looking for investment opportunities 
  • China life science entrepreneurs seeking funding
  • Global pharma executives and business development managers seeking partnerships 
  • Industry analysts, media, etc. wanting to know more about China's biotech industry

Event News:

  • BioBay Investor Forum 2011 has been successfully held in Suzhou on September 21-22
  • Chiva Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Suzhou Biologix Medical Technology Co., Ltd. were selected by a panel of judges composed of influential life science investors and executives as the "Most Promising"

Event Updates

>> 240 attendees

>> 154 companies

>> 47 VC companies and investors


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