Golf Outing / Scenic Tour

Guests of the ChinaBio® Leadership Retreat 2016 may spend the second day at either the Royal-Orchid International Golf Club or on a wonderful tour of Shunde's cultural heritage sites. 

Royal-Orchid International Golf Club 

The Royal-Orchid International Golf Club in Shunde, is characterized by water features. Water area makes up about a quarter of the total area of the pitch. Water barriers around the holes enrich the visual effect of the pitch, and increase the difficulty of the course. The course also has more than 100 beautiful bunkers which are both challenging and entertaining. The direction of the fairways is also much more interesting than the typical out-and-back course - almost every two holes, the course direction shifts about 180 degrees.

The Royal-Orchid Club House, a piece of art in itself, is designed by one of the world’s top 10 architectural design companies—RTKL Design in the US. The beautiful 50m high atrium tower looks like a flagpole of green and provides an expansive view of the natural beauty of the course. And with the beautiful interior design, restaurants, and shops, the club is a great destination even for non-golfers.  

But if you are a golfer, be sure to also visit the golf shop. Sculptures of many famous golfer's grips are on exhibition, such as Greg Norman, Tiger Woods and others, and the shop itself is very well equipped with the latest gear to improve your game.

Shunde Scenic Tour

Shunde is a region rich in history and culture - architecture, art, caligraphy, martial arts and of course cuisine.  The tour will visit a sprawling 400 year-old mansion where one of the leading and richest families of Shunde once lived. Architectural features include hand carved reliefs, gold gilting, and a wall of oyster shells.  We'll also visit a unique outdoor art gallery, where Master Zhou will provide instruction in the dying art of caligraphy. You may not know that Bruce Lee's father was born in Shunde, where Bruce also lived for a time, and that Shunde has a long heritage of martial arts.  We will visit the Zunming Ancestral hall, home of kong fu masters and students alike, and see a demonstration of Wing Chun, made famous by Bruce.  You can even try your hand at hand-to-hand combat if you wish.  Shunde is also considered the center of fine Cantonese cuisine, and there will several special treats along the way, including delicious Shunde noodle soup and for those with a sweet tooth, super-creamy double-layer milk custard, my personal favorite.

Here are a few of the wonderful experiences you will have on the tour or you can download more information here:

Scenic Tour - Art Gallery Scenic Tour - Kong Fu



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