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ChinaBio® Group has joined forces with VIC Technology Venture Development to form the VIC-ChinaBio® Life Science Incubator in Shunde, China.  The VIC-ChinaBio® Incubator will leverage VIC's 13 years of experience creating life science companies around novel IP licensed from leading universities in the US with ChinaBio's deep experience helping over 30 companies find VC funding, strategic partners and government support in China. VIC-ChinaBio® will provide a wide range of resources to their resident companies:

  • 3000 m2 of quality office space in the Sino-European Services Center
  • 1000 m2 of shared and dedicated lab space focused on biologics, medical devices and diagnostics development
  • VC funding / strategic partnerships
  • Matching government funding
  • Assistance with corporate formation, grant applications, logistics, etc.
  • A wide range of support for rent, housing, salaries, key staff, etc.

The VIC-ChinaBio® Incubator will bring VIC's portfolio companies to China, as well as existing or early stage companies with a strategic focus on China.  The Incubator will focus on companies with novel IP in drugs (especially biologics), medical devices, and diagnostics.

Please contact us if you are planning to locate in China, and are seeking a simple, fast and effective means of doing so.

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